So all week the weather forecast for Friday (our wedding day.... eeeeeeek!) has mentioned this dreaded word:


I never know if any one else has been following the Weather Channel lately (most likely not... I commonly never) but there is, and I quote, "a slow moving storm program traveling from west to east." It's the storm that has caused all that tornado damage in Texas (to each of the bees out in Dallas-Fort Worth, I pray which you as well as your households are protected!!!). The front page of climate.com reads "Texas Tornado Close Up" and "Widespread Wet Method Inches Into Southeast ralph lauren polo long sleeve ." Southeast? That is me!

Cue freak-out. I understand that I discussed a rain program... but when it thunderstorms in Florida it suggests lightning. And loud thunder. And possibly tornadoes. ralph lauren tee shirts That is actually not excellent for the wedding day.

So to distract myself from points I can't manage, discount ralph lauren shirts I've been putting with each other each of the signage and tiny paper specifics for the wedding ralph lauren womens polo shirts . I have literally been getting up, going towards the gym, going to function, and coming house and distracting myself. I've had a surprisingly very good time doing it, as well.

If you had asked me my thoughts on each of the "paper" items for the wedding the day immediately after I got engaged, I would have said, "Who cares about paper? It all gets thrown away anyway." Now, just a couple of days out from the wedding, the "paper" components (invitations, escort cards, wedding day signage) has grow to be one of my favourite elements on the event!

My mom and I started working together on the escort cards weeks ago when Mr. O was out of town. We wrote down All the guests' names (even if they weren't coming) and place them in alphabetical order to go through later. We decided to create them on old book pages just to add a unique element of paper for the mix.

Here is usually a small hint should you make a decision to complete this...
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